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About Services

The SocialCareInnovation services allow you to set-up bespoke communications to manage various requests and informatioin/ document exchanges among patients, care home managers, doctors, ambulance operators, etc.

Various documents can accompany the requests and deliver immediately information on medical records, medical prescriptions, exams, personal data, etc.

Our hello! services are optional and come at a fee but can add unique value to your offerings. See our demos and other materials here below.


Tell me more about the Social Care Innovation services I can embed in my published ad/ site.
1. Optional
Services are optional! When publishing your free ad(s) you can let us know on such an interest on your side. If so, we will get in touch to elaborate a detailed system spec and related cost. Services typically are accessible from within your published ad(s) but can also be setup independently, if you so prefer.
2. Concept
We flexibly and upon requirements, connect patients, family, ambulances, doctors and various care staff. Information such as medical records, medical prescriptions, instant photos and texts are sent out immediately to the appropriate receiving end so that it may timely act upon them.
3. Presentation
Click here for a short online presentation.
4. Analytics
Any type of data analytics can be developed based on the session data stored.